- Ban Ki Moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Violent extremist groups will tell you that violence is the only answer. They will call you a hero, a martyr and fighter for the cause. We will tell you that violence is not the answer and that it takes more strength to walk away from violence and find a better path.

Our mission is to counter the notion that “violence is the answer”, especially when violent acts are aimed at innocent communities. Our work falls into three sets of activities.

1) To enhance public awareness and understanding of violent extremism and how to counter it

Examples of this work include social media campaigning, publishing editorials on topical issues central to violent extremism ('VE'), commissioning creative works such as films and art to highlight issues central to VE, public education and training initiatives ranging from schools to government agencies, and PaVE’s interactive website with links to valuable learning resources.

2) To identify research needs and conduct research into violent extremism

While there is a lot research into the causes and pathways to violent extremism, we still don’t have a lot of understanding about why people become violent extremists and what we can do about it. Along with our research partners, PaVE identifies where research is most needed and how this research can help us and other groups to counter violent extremism more effectively.

3) To influence government policy direction

PaVE understands the need for a not for profit, independent organisation in the space of countering violent extremism ('CVE') in Australia and the region as it can help create vital linkages between research, policy and community. These linkages can help to make sure that policy is informed by evidence, that community driven programs are effective in addressing violent extremism and that research is translated into practice.